Curtained by the demons’ shadows
In a place I have adapted to calling my home
Humming as to silence the consecutive crashes of waves inside my brain
I gasp for air amongst the shadows that keep pushing me down
My feet fail me and melt into the filthy ceramic floors
I shed blood instead of tears
And they flow down into my ears as I lay down.
I stare at the little ray of sunshine pushing its way through the cracks of the ceiling
I stare deep enough to hear the chirps of hope
Reassurance of there being another world
A dandelion flew in to whisper the joyous news
Brushed my face ever so lightly to let me know I’m still alive
Fell right into my hands and I knew
All along I was bigger than the darkness
The abyss that swallows me is but a weak web woven to keep me down
I shall tear down not just walls but kill what kills my hope
My feet are strong again and they hold me upright
I scream at the top of my lungs
I win.
I ignite.

In Exchange…

Kiss me and sip in my breath
Take my hand and get lost in this haze
It’s okay darling,
You can come take refuge in my embrace
I will drown in pain,
So you would feel a pinch of that sweet euphoria
Let’s get away for a while and be on our own
Let me run down to the river and fetch you a bowl of heal
While you sit out at the porch waiting for me
With our furry friend lying under your feet
I’ll warm you up, take every pain
With every word I whisper into your ears and into your head
But darling, oh darling
It’s a human thing, this give and take
So I demand you repay all your dept
Just one thing I ask from you
Your smile is mine and so is your peace
Be and stay happy as that is all i need
Ill give you all of me in exchange for your happiness
And so then I can finally feel my soul at rest.

The time to look within.

Authenticity comes when you let go of yourself. When you tear down walls and loosen the ropes you’ve tied yourself with, the true form of you appears. The process takes quite a long time. Throughout, might occur a good amount of mental wars and breakdowns, confusion and uncertainty, moments of self-doubt and what seems to be for the time being, an irreparable mind damage.

Mastering the art of maintaining a constant frequency of genuineness and applying that in the things we do especially as artists should be the first thing to consider when setting foot out for the journey as it does wonders in one’s career or personal life or in a spiritual journey of any kind. It is the beginning one’s path to greatness and yet such humbleness. It is the doorway to a greater world that once seemed to not exist.

I, the writer, as a mere human being on the process of the long and exhausting journey of searching and thriving for originality, admonish thee, my fellow beings, in all the paths you take keep in mind that your truest for brings you eternal peace and deprives you from the chaos that currently goes on within you. Take time to calmly search your soul and don’t give in to the brutal process of the morphosis, for it molds you into an undeniably strong being. In the end, you’ll attain great things and make eminent differences.